HEATHCO HZ-5867-BZ Light LED Motion Bronze

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HEATHCO HZ-5867-BZ Light LED Motion Bronze Description

Designed for outdoor installation and should be mounted to a wall or eaves, 8 feet (2.4 meters) above the ground. The motion sensor works by sensing temperature changes across its field of view. Turns light on automatically when motion is detected and off after a preselected time delay. Dualbrite mode is a selectable feature that turns the light on at a reduced (accent) level at dusk. When motion is detected, the light will increase to full bright for the amount of the on-time setting (1, 5, or 20 minutes) then returns to dualbrite mode. Manual mode overrides the motion sensor and on-time control so the light will operate full bright. This feature only works at night and only for one night at a time. The motion sensor will reset to motion sensing mode at 6 hours or sunrise, whichever comes first. 70′ range, 180 degree sensing angle. Sensitivity (sense) lo, m and hi. 120 Volts AC.

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